Low potato yield!! India’s cold storage owners left dry

March 14, 2019

Outstation potatoes and local carrot produce which were to fill the rest 15% of the space capacity of the cold storage went unutilized due to late arrivals and lower potato production. In contrast to last year, this year supplies of potatoes from leading potato producing states like Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and West Bengal have been tight owing to adverse climatic condition which dented a lot of produce.

According to Association president Hansmukh Jain Gandhi, “This year cold storages will not get full. In any case, 15 per cent of the capacity has remained unused. This unused capacity when many new cold storages have come up in the region has adversely affected and hitting their businesses”.

Rajiv Tuteja, a cold storage owner, said, “We were anticipating some supplies of potato to come from nearby states that will help in compensating the losses, but, till date we have not received any outstation orders.”

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