Ludhiana Ki Shaan- Bansal Mishthan

Being a land of diversity, India features its magnanimous characteristics in very field of heritage, culture, region and state. Speaking in relation to the food industry, its well- defined that the cuisine, the gourmet, the sweets, the snacks has gained an international recognition with demand for Indian food soaring yoy.

One such sweets manufacturer and suppliers from Ludhiana, Punjab is BANSAL FOODS. Since 2012, Bansal Foods has been one amongst the renowned and noted Indian sweetmaker with loads of varieties of Dry Fruit Sweets, Kaju Badam Sweets, Mix Sweets Pack, Bundi Laddu, Chocolate Sweets, etc. widely acknowledged by consumers for their relishing taste, purity of ingredients and hygienic preparations.

The Bansal team of experts has been preparing these delicacies in their most authentic types to serve clients beyond their expectations. Further, the productivity is enhanced by the well-installed equipment and utensils that ensure bulk production in least time, cost and wastage.

Assuring total purity and quality and an aim to delight the taste buds of consumers, the Bansals prepare a variety of special and traditional sweets using fresh ingredients and modern techniques of frying, baking and freezing.

Being an FSSAI certified company; quality is an integral part of their preparation. Making use of finest quality ingredients like condensed milk, ghee, sugar, dry fruits, nutmeg and more, the makers assure a healthy variety of Indian sweets to be part of celebrations to make it all the more grand. Sourcing the original and pure ingredients from the reputed manufacturers and suppliers, every stage of preparation is handled with extreme care and inspected by experts to ensure complete hygiene in end results. To ensure these in the highest standards, the entire staff is trained to check every ingredient to be free from harmful and adulterated contents. The staff has a proper uniform which is checked to be dirt-free and clean. Further, they are provided with a dress kit inclusive of hairnets, gloves and face masks to avoid any kind of effect while preparation of sweets on the floor. Furthermore, all the utensils and the entire premise are cleaned daily with effective cleaners to avoid any dust, insects or other aspects of spoilage.

Focusing on packaging materials for practically all the sweets is also a major concern, thus, an odor-free and food grade cardboard boxes which are leak-proof to retain the content freshness intact till consumption are used. magazine happen to speak to Amit Goel MD, Bansal Foods.

Eager to know about the onset of the business, Goel replied, “We started our Journey of Bansal Foods with a starting capital of just Rs.10,000 and started preparing Mewa Bites. Having bigger dreams in our eyes and to do something innovative with our Indian sweets we started inventing different recipes of sweets, a different appearance of sweets, and different taste of sweets with good shelf life. Initially, we start selling our products in our own city. Gradually we started moving to other cities of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi .The journey was not quite smooth as we had spent quite many days far from home. It was only with Blessings of Almighty and support of family members that made a go and we kept working hard. And today we are happy that our brand is having its presence in almost pan India. We made our products that suit the taste of young generation and also for our elders .Products such as grain bites, seed bites are having rich nutritional values that fulfill the needs of all age group. We have different varieties of Bites such as mewa bites with different flavours, Mango Delite, Kacha mango Delite, Strawberry and Litchi Delite and Crunch sweets like Mango, Mix fruit, Litchi and many other Flavours. That’s why we tagged ourselves Bansal Foods (sweets unlimited)!!”

As India rates the highest in diabetes throughout the world causing major concern, this has resulted in a total awareness recently to cut down on sugar-based snacks and sweets. To this recent trend of low sugar eating pattern of consumers, Goel emphasized, “We are in process of making varieties of sweets in which we can cut down the sugar levels according to need of consumers. Keeping in mind to be on low sugar with our products, we have to consider the purity of the taste too and on that we never compromise. There are many players already in the market making low sugar or sugar-free sweets but our aim is to do something extraordinary with our products. And from here originates the idea of doing something new by making these nutritional bars made up of different varieties of grains, seeds and some other material. These bars have a good nutritional value. Vegetarian people can get good energy levels from these bars, they don’t have to opt for non-vegetarian foods to consume nutrients and energy”.

Further to the conversation Goel added, “As our sweets are in continuous demand, these products are made accordingly and the quantity varies likewise. More often than not the preparation is on daily basis. The interesting part of the sweets is its individual packaging. Our packing system not only is in a convenient  style which reduces wastage of sweets but also it adds to the outlook of products .The products look more appealing to consumers after it gets packed. Plus handling of the products is safe and hygienic.

Talking more on the subject of the shelf life of the products, Goel stated, “These power bars normally have a shelf life of 2 months at room temperature. We take all necessary precautions and safety measures while preparing our products. We are having world class manufacturing unit where proper hygiene is maintained throughout the time. All our workers are properly dressed. They have been provided with caps, hand gloves, apron etc. Cleanliness on board, utensils, equipments are done in an appropriate manner”.

Speaking about the secret success of the products, Goel proudly admits, “The secret of the success of our products is unvarying devotion and innovation in our business. One should have sincere conscience and clear intentions in making of the products to gain the trust and faith of the customers. With this aim, we are getting more than anticipated response from our customers. This response has given us more confidence and we are planning few more products in near future also. We shall be providing unique flavors and tastes to prepare a variety of traditional Indian sweets. Some of our mouthwatering offerings are: Dry Fruit Burfi, Kaju Badaam Burfi, Besan Burfi. Mix Sweets Pack, Kaju Katli, Chocolate Sweets, Mewa Bite, Honey Dry Fruit Ladoo and many more”.

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