Marine Hydrocolloids introduces Carrageenan to the market




Marine Hydrocolloids – the largest producer of Agar Agar in India was established in 1982 to manufacture food grade Agar Agar. As a result of constant R & D work, Bacteriological & Pharmaceutical grade were developed. We have also added Agarose & ‘Wondergel – Spreadable type Agar Agar to our product line. We are now proud to introduce Carrageenan to our product list.



Carrageenan is a hydrocolloid that belongs to a family of water soluble polysaccharides extracted from certain species of red seaweed.



There are three Carrageenan types which are of commercial interest because of the various applications of hydrocolloids in food arid other industrial uses. They are called the Iota, Kappa and Lambda


Iota, Kappa and Lambda are co-polymers which differ in their chemical structure, properties and therefore in their applications in food.


Gels most strongly with calcium salts

Elastic gel with no syneresis (weeping out of water)

Gel is freeze-thraw stable completely soluble in hot water



Gels most strongly with potassium salts

Brittle gel with some syneresis

Synergistic with locust bean gum

Soluble in hot water



No gel formation, forms high viscosity solutions

Fully soluble in cold water



What We Offer

We offer a multitude of Carrageenan products formulated to meet various customer specifications.

Our products include pure Refined & Semi Refined Carrageenan of both Iota & Kappa types. Commercial

Carrageenan is usually standardized by blending different latches of Carrageenan and/or adding other gums & salt to obtain the desired gelling or thickening properties.


Our products are widely classified under following categories.

WATERGET Best for application requiring gelling & water-holding capacities

WATERVIS Used in applications requiring viscosity

LACTOGEL Suited for stabilization of dairy desserts

LACTOVIS Provides stability to liquid milk products & frozen dairy desserts





We are pleased to offer various types of pure refined/semi-refined as well as blended Carrageenan specially made for various applications as given below


Different grades of Carrageenah Carrageenan type Application
WatergelGU 8932 Pure refined Carrageenan For meat & sausage
Watergel MP 1250 Pure semi-refined Carrageenan For meat & sausage
Watergel PF 6215 Pure semi-refined (Tech grade) For pet food
Watergel WD 3955 Refined blended Carrageenan For water based jelly
Watersel CD 7069 Refined blended Carraseenan For candy
Watergel TP 9218 Semi Refined blended


For tooth paste
Watergel AFG 9098 Refined blended Carraseenan For air freshener gel
Lactovis lC2194 Semi Refined blended


For frozen dessert


The Carrageenan is used in applications such as water dessert jellies, pet food, meat, chocolate milk, beer, Chocolate milk, Diaries.

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