Millets trade fair in Karnataka attracted Rs 107 cr business

25 Jan, 2018
Being promoted on a vast scale, the millet trade fair organized in Karnataka from January 19-21, 2018 attracted significant investments from all quarters. Karnataka Agriculture Minister Krishna Byre Gowda said the International Trade Fair on Organics & Millets generated Rs107 crore businesses. This Fair generated Rs 107 crore business in three days, including Rs 27.69 crore as letters of intent between 34 farmers federations and entrepreneurs got commitments worth Rs 340 crore for the next three years.”
Held for the first time in the southern state at the Bengaluru Palace grounds, the event attracted a huge footfall of about 2 lakh people. The minister said, “We hope to bring about a change in the dietary habits of the people and promote a sustainable future with organic and millets.” Today, India stands at a position to lead the world in millet production and exports, Gowda said Karnataka was at the forefront of promoting and consuming the next-generation smart food “as it was conscious of the food we eat, its nutritional value, impact on farmers and the environment to get food from farm to fork.”
State IT Minister Priyank Kharge said 44 start-ups, including 16 in agri-business, would get grants from the state government but did not specify the amount or its break-up. “The state government is also setting up a new centre for excellence in agriculture to hasten development in the agri-business sector with access to labs and research centres.”

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