MPEDA foreign trade with Russia

According to reports Marine Product Export Development Authority (MPEDA) official and exporters will take part in a foreign trade meeting to be held in Russia. The MPEDA is planning to hold meetings with the governments and buyers of various countries where the potential is largely untapped
The team headed by MPEDA Chairman A. Jayathilak, and comprising Deputy Director Archiman Lahiri and exporters will be part of the delegation from India.
India had marine exports worth $ 5.7 billion during 2016-17. It targets to achieve exports of $ 6 billion during 2017-18.The country is exporting marine products to the U.S., Vietnam, Europe, Japan, and Russia.
“Export of seafood products is also playing a key role in the country’s Gross Domestic Product,” says an MPEDA official.
India, China, Indonesia, Ecuador and other countries are the top marine exporters in the world.
According to an exporter, The MPEDA officers and exporters will meet the Russian delegation, including government officers and prospective buyers, and discuss the scope for market development.
“About 10 marine exporters from India, including one from Andhra Pradesh, are part of the Indian delegation. The deliberations will be on the demand, specifications, quality, price, and other issues”. The Indian delegation, during its stay in Russia, will also meet other stakeholders, the official adds.
 “In India, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, West Bengal, Odisha, and Kerala are top producers of marine products. As the contribution of Andhra Pradesh is high, international exporters and buyers from the U.S., Vietnam, Europe, and other countries are focusing on the State,” say the officials.

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