Multivac plans 13th Global Factory in China

March 18, 2019

Multivac packaging solution company sees prospect in China and plans to invest the  thirteenth global factory in Taicang, China’s north-east, a southern border with Shanghai.

This new unit will allow the company to manufacture machinery and allocate it directly from the mainland China. Multivac already runs its  key office in Shanghai and subsidiaries in Beijing, Hong Kong Wuhan, and Taiwan.

 “China is a significant market for us,” said Guido Spix, director and group COO/CTO. “This makes the establishment of a local production facility a logical step for us and a further stage in expanding our global production and sales network.

“Our objective is to achieve shorter delivery times for our customers and to be able to respond even more rapidly to the needs of local customers,” he held.

Steven Shen has been appointed as a CEO of the new unit and said it will produce a series of machines in various production categories for different functions within the packaging system.

Production is planned to begin at the end of year 2019. Finished products like Thermoforming packaging machines, traysealers, chamber machines, peripheral components and spare parts are all due to be manufactured in the new factory for the Chinese market.

Multivac said that in the next three years the Taicang unit will create up to 100 jobs.

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