Nestle India partners with Flipkart to launch its new Maggi variant


Aug 28, 2018

Nestle India will partner with Flipkart to launch a new variant of Maggi called Special Masala Noodles inspired by India’s diverse culinary traditions. As part of this partnership, the new variant will be exclusively available online from August 25-30, following which it will hit the retail shelves nationwide.

Maggi Noodles now has a market share 60 per cent. This partnership with Flipkart will give a chance to Maggi lovers to try this innovation from the convenience of their home. Nestle is  confident that this product, with its special taste from 20 finely ground and whole spices and specially created bouncier non-sticky noodles, would be appreciated by consumers.

Nestlé and Flipkart’s association to launch the upcoming Maggi flavour exclusively on Flipkart cements the transition of FMCG’s physical goods into the digital space.” Nestle India has also announced its plans to expand brand Maggi further with the launch of a range of dips in the coming months.

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