Now consume millet ice cream that is lactose-free


There’s good news for those who are very conscious about their health and would prefer to eat ice –creams that does not have high calorie content. A special millet-based ice cream, developed by Indian Institute of Food Processing Technology in Tamil Nadu, was introduced for Bengaluru market at the International Trade Fair.

Institute Director C. Anandharamakrishnan said the unique feature of millet ice cream is that unlike regular ice cream which is milk based, this has “millet milk” (millet extract) which is lactose-free. This will be beneficial for those with high degree of intolerance to lactose. Also, millet ice cream can be had by even the diabetics because of its low glycemic index. The millet ice cream has 59 per cent lesser calories and 22 per cent lesser carbohydrates than the regular ice cream and 43 per cent lesser fat than the regular vanilla ice cream. Millet ice cream has omega-3 fatty acids which are generally not available in vegetarian food. It is priced at Rs.5 per cone.

Dessert is one of the most important part of a meal since it is the last thing, guests remember before they exit the restaurant. The ice cream industry should make use of this opportunity, as this flavor can be a big hit among the ice-cream consumers.

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