Over the next 4-5 years, PepsiCo set to to double sales volumes of Kurkure

6 April, 2018


PepsiCo India, in its snacks portfolio, targets to double sales volumes of Kurkure over the next 4-5 years. As reported before the company is also working on reducing the salt content in its snacks products, in line with its long-term global commitments.

PepsiCo has also launched a new Kurkure Multi-Grain variant, which has about 6 per cent of ragi grain, and comes with reduced sodium content.

The company’s move to launch Kurkure’s multi-grain variant, which uses the nutri-cereal ragi, is in line with the rising trend of consumers looking for great-tasting but guilt-free snacks, he added.

Jagrut Kotecha, Vice-President, Snacks Category, PepsiCo India, said that they have also refurbished the packaging and brand communication in line with evolving consumer trends and are also focusing on ramping up the distribution of the brand across traditional trade, modern trade and ecommerce channels.”

In India, PepsiCo has been successful in reducing 21 metric tonnes of sodium from the entire snack portfolio till last year, and aim to reduce sodium in 75 per cent of our food portfolio by 2025.

Kotecha said, “The recently launched multigrain variant with power grain ragi is meeting our global agenda on sodium reduction with a 21.5 per cent less sodium,”. PepsiCo India has also introduced a new youth-focused packaging for all the 40 variants of Kurkure, which emphasizes on the ingredients used in the products on the front of the packs.

The company has worked for about 12 months on these new packaging designs and it involved the local team partnering with PepsiCo’s Global Design Group as well as an external agency..

Despite intense competition from local and regional players, the company said that it has seen a double-digit growth in the salty snacks segment.

It believes that focusing on regional variants has contributed significantly to the growth trajectory.

The taste profiles in India change every 100-200 km. So over the last 2-3 years, PepsiCo has been developing a portfolio that meets the diversity in the consumers’ taste profile.

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