Packaging machinery market is robust and growing

1 March, 2018


PMMI’s ‘2017 Evolution of Automation Report,’ and ARC Advisory Group’s “The Packaging Machinery and Automation Market Research Study,” both point to strong packaging machine business, as brand owners and end users continue down a path toward automation.

This report analyzes the market for packaging machinery and packaging automation. The market grew strongly in 2017 and healthy growth will continue throughout the forecast period. The food & beverage segment accounts for the largest share, and pharma and healthcare is expected to grow the fastest.

The market for packaging machinery is less volatile than for other types of machinery because of its close association with mass consumption of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, tissue, and all sorts of consumer goods. Growth in the packaging machinery industry tends to track growth in megatrends, such as general population growth, urbanization, and rising incomes.

This report presents market sizes for packaging machinery by country of production (“origin” sales), and by region of consumption (“destination” sales).

The focus of this report is on a fixed set of industries that consume packaging machines, rather than the broad spectrum of industries typically covered in other reports. Some of these industries are further divided into sub-segments called “applications” (e.g. food, beverage, and tobacco are three applications of food & beverage).

The report also includes segmentations for nine machine types, plus segments for parts and installation services. Additional segmentation provides market sizes for seven packaging process steps: package preparation, filling of products, cartoning, closing, sealing, labeling, weighing, transportation (conveying), and end-of-line.

Finally, this report also includes segmentation for the electrical automation components typically used on packaging machines.

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