Pacts & deals avenues, MNC partners to expand food-holds in India

Feb 7, 2019

India is emerging as a major market of the world offering great opportunities for producers, manufacturers and service providers of products and services from across the world to sell here or partner with Indian companies to serve this market.

 In the session of a two-day event of India Food Forum 2019  with Ambassadors, Trade Commissioners & Consul Generals of several countries acknowledged the possibilities for partnerships in food, beverages, and food service industry and how embassies and trade commissions can play a more vital role to facilitate such alliance and acquisition.

The ever-growing acceptance and mingling of multinational cultures, an increasing innovation and demand for new taste for foods from across the globe, constant visits of foreign nationals, willingness to experiment new cuisines and moreover avenues to market new products further add to the opportunities for growth in food industry by MNCs.

The session was moderated by Amit Lohani, Convener, FIFI (Forum of Indian Food Importers) and Managing Director, Max Foods.

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