People prefer ‘desi’ beverages to aerated drinks in summer

Patnaites are switching to desi thirst-quenchers to stay healthy and cool rather than drinking aerated water in ruthless summer when the temperature has already crossed 44 degrees Celsius.

Summer brings with it a yearning to guzzle down soda-based carbonated cold drinks as the body craves for some flavourful hydration drinks. But, this summer is seeing a dipping demand for bottled beverages as a number of people are preferring healthy traditional drinks available in this season. People are gulping down more of chilled juices and sherbets or natural drinks like coconut water. People are opting to drink  something desi as it’s healthy and pure.
Celebrating summer, the refreshing Bihari coolers that find place on the priority list include the humble ‘sattu’ drink to the earthy ‘shikanji’ to the lavish lassi and sherbet. A wide variety of drinks — creamy and fruit filled lassis and thandai made from milk and dry fruits, shikanjis of water, sugar and lemon, aam panna from unripe mangoes, chillies and mint leaves, ‘chhach’ and regular fruit drinks and coconut water are also among the favourites.
Elaborating on the harmful effects of having carbonated drinks, Dr Ravi Kirti, a general physician at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Patna, said, “Sugar sweetened carbonated drinks are good in taste, but are really harmful for our body in some way. Increased risk of heart attack, obesity, diabetes is some of the most prominent health issues that can be attributed to these drinks.”
He suggested that one should rather go for homemade lemon shikanji, jaljeera, aam panna and give up carbonated drinks.

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