PepsiCo gets boost from its food operations

July 12, 2018

PepsiCo has got a boost from   struggling with its beverage section; company has posted second quarter profit, helped by strong sales of Frito-Lay chips and Quaker oatmeal.

PepsiCo is looking beyond sugary soda to drive growth as consumers become more health-conscious. Chief executive officer Indra Nooyi has said fixing the struggling North American beverage unit is a top priority, but in the meantime the company is getting a boost from its food brands.

Giant companies like PepsiCo to Nestle are struggling with changing tastes as shoppers turn away from sugary foods and drinks and seek out healthier fare. Consumption of carbonated soft drinks fell to a 32-year low in the US last year, according to Beverage-Digest.

While chips have been less affected than sodas, PepsiCo has also introduced organic versions of some big snack brands, in addition to buying startup competitors

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