PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay introduces a line of children’s snacks under the Imagine brand

Nov 5, 2018

The Frito-Lay division of PepsiCo has been a bright spot for it, with Cheetos, Tostitos and Doritos helping to boost the company’s earnings. While those products fall squarely in the junk food category, PepsiCo has introduced healthy treats that will help the company further expand its offerings in the snacking segment and respond to consumer demand for more than sugary soft drinks.

PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay division has introduced a line of children’s snacks under the Imagine brand. The better-for-you products are meant for busy families and offer kid-friendly flavors, the publication noted.

Imaginer’s Cheese Stars contain no artificial colors or flavors and are made with real cheese and come in parmesan and white cheddar varieties. They have 6 grams of protein per serving. The Yogurt Crisps come in mixed berry and apple cinnamon flavors and contains 4 grams of protein and 8 grams of whole grains per serving.

Parents today have a hard time finding snack options for their kids that not only taste great, but also deliver positive nutrition like protein or calcium.  Imagine features real ingredients like yogurt and cheese that kids and parents will love — as well as fun shapes and packaging to help make snack time, imagination time.

Parents are looking for healthier snacks that their children will like and still provide protein, calcium and whole grains, as well as contain real ingredients and no artificial colors or flavors. The new children’s snack brand fits in with some of PepsiCo’s recent acquisitions that are repositioning the beverage giant toward a more health-oriented portfolio.

By emphasizing the cheese and yogurt aspects of the snack, PepsiCo is staying on-trend. Dairy-based ingredients — whether from milk, yogurt, whey protein, and milk protein isolate or cheese — are popular because they provide protein and a label item consumers recognize.

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