Puratos prepares Indian Bakers for the festive season



 Puratos enables bakers derive deep consumer understanding and create innovative, irresistible sweet treats suited to festive Indian taste buds


 With a one of its kind concept – ‘Partnering Tomorrow’, Puratos brings global expertise to local bakers, offers innovative ingredients to keep their creativity one step ahead


This festive season, every baker’s creativity will soar as high as an Indian consumer’s love for sweet treats and fusion desserts. Puratos, the global leader in innovative ingredients for Bakery, Patisserie and Chocolate brings forward its deep consumer understanding and unveils ingredients that bakers can use to wow those discerning Indian consumers who value fresh, festive and healthy sweet preparations.

Puratos is taking a proactive approach in helping today’s bakers create delightful product offerings. It is Puratos’ promise to enable the bakers deliver three key attributes across every dessert preparation – health, freshness and taste.

A thorough due diligence conducted by Puratos on consumer preferences known as  Taste Tomorrow  survey revealed how Indian consumers value a perfect blend of ‘Freshness’, ‘Healthiness’ and ‘Taste’ when buying bread, pastry or patisserie or chocolate. As per the survey, India shows a high level of support for the ‘open-oven’ idea: 76% of consumers in India would appreciate a bakery where they can see the oven and bakery items being baked on the spot. The survey also highlighted that 79% of Indian consumers would buy more products at bakeries where everything is baked with natural ingredients. 80% are aware that bread contains wholegrain/ wholemeal. No less than 86% find it a healthy ingredient and 75% feel it adds something to the taste. 77% are aware that pastry can contain fruit filling; no less than 87% find it enhances the healthiness, and 88% feel it adds to the taste

With such sharp insights by its side, Puratos strongly believes in the concept – ‘Partnering Tomorrow’ where it works closely with bakers as strategic partners at every step along the way, so they can offer the best to their clients and consumers. Staying close to its customers i.e. bakers everywhere, and turning technology and experiences from food cultures around the world into new opportunities to help them be more successful in their business, lies at the heart of Puratos’ ‘Partnering Tomorrow’ endeavour.

For the festive season around the corner, Puratos has launched four thoughtfully crafted flavours – Tegral Satin Pistachio Velvet Egg Free, Vivafil – Gauva Chilli (Fruit Filling), Sunset Glaze and Tegral Macaron. The offerings are based on key consumer insights Puratos possesses about the new age consumer and his / her evolving consumption patterns. For bakers, it is an opportunity to be imaginative and innovative with their special sweet preparations for the season. For consumers, it implies pure delight on consuming desserts they love and patronise.

Puratos’ Tegral Satin Pistachio Velvet Egg Free is a cake premix. With notes of pistachio, it tastes great and offers a range of creative applications such as bar cakes, muffins to celebration cakes. Vivafil Guava Chilli a 20% fruit content Fruit Filling will fill the gap between imagination and creation. Prepared with tasteful fruit puree, it allows the creative baker hands to come up with new standout applications that are high on taste and appeal. Puratos Sunset Glaze is the perfect alternative to traditional egg-washes. It is a safe, hassle free and cost efficient way to enhance the appeal by adding a brilliant golden gloss to bakery products. The new Tegral Macaron mix is every Macoron maker’s delight. Enriched with the natural taste of almonds, this versatile premix results in bright shelled Macarons that are crunchy from outside and soft inside.

Dhiren Kanwar, MD – India, Area Director – South Asia, Puratos Food Ingredients India Pvt. Ltd. shared, “Today’s bakery consumers are more conscious of their choices than ever before. For an Indian consumer in particular, attributes such as ‘freshly made’, ‘natural’, containing power ingredients and not compromising on health or taste  such as ‘wholewheat’ or ‘grains’ or fruit filling carry significant weight. It is with these insights that we aim to keep the bakers of today, prepared for tomorrow. Puratos with its global legacy and expertise is uniquely positioned to be a true futuristic Partner to every baker who wishes to be innovative and aligned with what the end customer truly wishes for.”

Puratos is committed to offer bakers worldwide the tools and techniques they need to stay relevant while creating products that not only meet but exceed customer expectation. So, next time a consumer wonders while buying Patisserie or festive treats at their favourite bakery – Is it fresh? Is it healthy? How tasty is it? Bakers backed with Puratos’ guidance and high quality ingredients would together ensure the answer is a firm, resounding YES.


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