Rasna to introduce new brand called Rasna Native Haat

28 Feb, 2018


Rasna has launched its fruit-based drinRasna Masala Orange. Bollywood star Kareena Kapoor Khan has been chosen as brand ambassador. The brand is one of the largest soft drink concentrate manufacturing companies in the India and is known for its unique tastes. Chairman and MD of Rasna, Piruz Khambatta said “This new drink from Rasna is a total revolution for Indian customers with natural spices such as cumin seeds, fennel seeds, chillies, mint, black pepper, cinnamon etc. Be it in spicy burgers, pizzas or sandwiches, everyone in India is used to a spicy palette. It is for the first time in the country that we will have a spicy soft drink in the form of Rasna Masala Orange.”


This newly-launched product will be available in four pack sizes comprising of a 32-glass pack at Rs 40, a 12-glass pack at Rs 10, a 1-glass pouch at Rs 5 and 1-glass at Rs 2 (without sugar). Khambatta highlighted the steps the brand is taking to stay up to speed with the changing consumer environment. “Today, the myths of marketing have changed. So we are also changing a lot of things including media planning and the way we used to do creatives. I firmly believe today kids have a mind of their own, so we have to appeal to those kids’ mind. We are looking at certain products that we can position exclusively for kids. We are looking at new products and new marketing strategies especially for kids.”
Rasna has recently launched a new pack of honey, will soon be launching more new flavours and formats in powered drinks and concentrates. Khambatta stated “We are looking at creating a whole new brand called Rasna Native Haat – the same brand under which we have launched honeywe are looking at more natural and healthy products under this umbrella. This is because consumers are evolving and they are opting for less synthetics. So, we believe that there is a huge opportunity for the natural, no chemical food business and the reason why we are creating a whole range,” “On the other hand, we believe Rasna stands for fun, joy, party and welcome drink and so, we are also working in this field side-by-side to ensure the product stays relevant.”

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