Reproflex 3  packaging premedia specialist sets foot in India

13 March, 2018


Reproflex 3 is ready to enter the Indian market with its Project Blue technology to enable brands and flexo converters “increase shelf impact” and aid “cost-effective printing”.


Andrew Hewitson managing director of Reproflex 3, during his visit to india last week spoke about India plans that include building a information centre in Mumbai and investment in a slew flexographic pre-press equipment. Hewitson, is in line with Reproflex 3’s plan to increase in the Asia Pacific region. Hewitson said, “We see the Asia and Africa region as important growth regions. And with a facility in Mumbai, we would be able to serve our global clients in these regions in an effective way.We see a tremendous interest in flexography among packaging converters as well as brand owners. For this, we will continue to innovate and will keep our differentiation as a value player in the flexographic process,”

Project Blue technology

Reproflex 3’s highlighted patented Project Blue technology. With Project Blue’s fixed colour palette, fast changeovers, short-run capabilities and removal of resource-intensive pre-press, printers and brands achieve “superior packaging, while still taking a cost-effective product to market”.Today through Project Blue, a flexo printer can produce the same print quality as gravure. We would like to partner with brand owners and converters by educating the possibilities in flexo among brand owners.”

“The plan is to bridge the gap between the brand owners and converters to achieve superior quality with flexo and handhold our customers to increase productivity plus help save costs,” “We are confident in replicating the success that we have had with various brands globally.”

Reproflex 3 has facilities in the North and South of England as well as in the Middle East.


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