Rise in bread price. Reason- Plastic Ban


Aug 17, 2018

One of the repercussions of plastic ban is now seen in form of price rise in bakery items. Bread manufacturers have reluctantly increased the price of bread by Rs. 3 on small loaves and Rs. 4 on larger ones. Britannia, Modern, Wibs have hiked their rates from Rs. 22 to Rs. 25 for 400grams bread and Rs. 44 to Rs. 48 for 800gm pack. It is assumed that the smaller local bakers will also follow the trail.


Two bakers’ associations quoted rising price of “maida” (refined flour) and Maharashtra government’s plastic ban as the main causes of this untoward decision. “The price of refined flour has increased from Rs. 1,150 /50kg sack to Rs. 1,300. It is not possible for us to absorb these costs,” said Jafar Irani of City Bakery, Worli, who is an IBA member.

Satyajit Dhargalkar of National Association of Bakery Industries, said per kg of maida was selling for Rs. 26 instead of Rs. 18 earlier. “Also, using eco-friendly plastic at every stage is an expensive proposition,” he added.


When asked, smaller manufacturers too blamed the plastic ban, expressing that manufacturers of packaging industries  are being forced to change infrastructure and raw materials due to new guidelines. “They will now have to imprint their names on each pack, and increase micron thickness,” said Aslam Khan of Worli’s Gold Star Bakery. “Packaging will change in a few days. We have held back so far but may increase rates by a rupee or two,” he added.



Jafar Irani said, “It is not merely bread packets. The absence of carry bags is a big problem. Every item was packaged and dispatched in carry bags.”



With this price rise scenario which will gradually grip other sectors, will definitely shake up every household budget of average consumers. Breakfast and evening snacks will now cost more said a housewife. Stalls owners, quick snacks and sandwich sellers, bakeries are already affected by this pinch.

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