Roha is a company based on age old values


Values of compassion, friendship, respect, trust and support


The success story of Roha is due to its outstanding innovation. From a small startup in 1972 to a global color-producing giant player, Roha manufactures and distributes synthetic and natural colors for the food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries, Roha is a sum of all the experiences and dreams of those associated with it. Today, their product range includes synthetic and natural products created for a multitude of applications- Food and Beverages, Pet food, Animal feed, Cosmetics and Industrial applications. Based in India with offices in 15 countries, Roha governs itself with an eye on the environment; an organization that generously contributes towards social causes by a share of their profits it garners through its entity, the JJT Foundation, an arm of Roha’s parent company, the JJT Group.

Director at Roha,Mahesh Tibrewalaexclusively shares with Beverage & Food Processing Times his inputs on the food ingredients segment in India. Mahesh is a young and dynamic person, leading his organization from the front. Mahesh travels extensively for not only expansions business all the time but also to understand global trends in the different industries where food colors are important.


What are the latest trends in food ingredients industry at your end?

We have forayed into the manufacturing of dehydrated fruits and vegetable powder with our latest acquisition of New Foods S.P.A, Italy. The dehydrated fruit and vegetable powders due to its increased shelf life, operational convenience, and nutritional value will only witness further demand in the future and Roha is now equipped to meet the demands of evolving customer needs.

Kindly provide information on the products/services you provide to the industry.

As a company, Roha has always been responsive to client and consumer needs. Being a premier global player in the colours segment for the Food & Beverages, cosmetics, and industrial sectors, we have always provided a complete range of pigments in synthetic colours of all application varieties under the brand name Idacol. We also have a range of natural colours for the FD&C industries under the brand Natracol. However, as the world progressed towards wholly natural ingredients which are GMO free, a few years ago we started a range of colouring foodstuffs made from the concentrates of fruits, vegetables, herbs, edible flowers and algae. These are extracted with pure physical processes, making them free of any chemicals. This range, called futurals has been extremely well liked in the market and we have continued adding products in this range.


Recently, Roha has also stepped into the manufacture of ingredients apart from colours. This year, itself we have acquired 4 companies or parts thereof. These include The Colours Division of Cambrian foods of Canada, the Colours Division of Delta Aromatics of Egypt, Essential foods from Italy and New Foods from Italy as well. Essential and New Foods will lead our thrust into the ingredients markets, supplying a quality range of dehydrated ingredients, concentrates and extracts to the FB&C sectors. Through our collaborations with clients we hope to be able to expand these ranges and supply many more exciting products to the food industry.


What are the ways you adopt to understand customers’ response towards your products?

We share samples of new products with customers and seek their feedback on performance of the product. They do send us their suggestions for improvisation or ask for particular changes to customise the product to suit their product needs.In terms of the existing products, our technical team works very closely with the technical and sales team at the clients end to provide customised solutions to the clients.


After several acquisitions by ROHA, what are your future plans for food & beverage industry?

We have laid out our growth plans for FY 17-18 and the year will witness many more plans being unfurled making us one of the leading companies in food and beverage industries. We constantly innovate to meet the ever evolving needs of food & beverage industry.


What is unique specialty of ROHA and how is your company different from the rest? 

Roha is not just a company supplying products. While we stay at the cutting edge of technology as far as our products go, we are a company based on age old values – Values of compassion, friendship, respect, trust and support. We have always tried to build relationships with client that go beyond the mere supply of ingredients or colours. We try to support our clients in all their endeavours – actively where we can and through encouragement where we can’t. Each of our clients know that if they come to Roha with a problem or with a need for a unique solution needed to create an exciting new product, Roha will put all the weight of its scientific knowhow behind finding the solution. Our associates too know that Roha will never let them down in a time of need, whether professional or personal.


We are also a company that gives back to society, what society has given us. There are schools for handicapped and underprivileged, colleges and even a University in the education field, charitable hospitals and medical camps in the field of healthcare along with community building programs. Roha does all these as regular Corporate Social Responsibility programmes. We have also invested in green energy to reduce the carbon footprint of the company. If I had to sum up Roha, I would say that it’s a company which cares, for its associates, customers, society at large and the planet.



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