Shree Misthan Bhandar a must visit place before Mahakaleshwar Darshan in Ujjain

Shree Misthan Bhandar was started in 1949 by grandfather of Hemant Gupta, Shri Pooranchand Ji Gupta on the banks of river Kshipra and under the shadow of lord Mahakaleshwar, official address of Ujjain, the city of religion and purity. Ujjain is a must visit place for those who look for moksha from busy metropolitan lives. Hemant Gupta along with his young and dynamic son Harsh is one of the most known names in Madhya Pradesh and nearby states in sweets business. Hemant is known for his futuristic nature both for addition of quality sweets & namkeen and also business expansions.

Gupta family started their business with very humble manner but today they are a big name in this industry with four shops across the city with a very modern restaurant with a multilevel banquet hall for all sizes of parties. They also own a resort near Ujjain.

Shree Misthan Bhandar is known for its delicacies both Indian and modern sweets in MP. Guptas never shy away from inventing something new, healthy and tasty sweets. The day, I (Firoz Naqvi, Editor AFP magazine) visited Ujjain and gave a visit to their newest property at the heart of Ujjain. They were busy in introducing a wonderful mithai made up of dry-fruits, sonth (ginger powder) and coconut. Later they parcel-packed the sweets to be taken home with me and I thoroughly enjoyed for couple of days back home in Mumbai. I had been lucky to taste such a wonderful product.

Their other delicacies are variety of sweets such as Kaju Sweets, Mawa (Khoya) Sweets, Milk Sweets, Besan Sweets, Desi Ghee Sweets, Bengali Sweets. Some of their mouthwatering innovations are Kaju Sohan, Rabdi (considered best in India) and Dry fruit laddoo. Kaju Katli and Rabdi are the most preferred items. To maintain authentic taste at Shree Mishthan, traditional cooks with modern knowledge are deployed. Sweets are prepared in Desi Ghee and groundnut oil is used for Namkeens. All the ingredients are always used fresh like fruit pulps and pieces because they are the actual value of the products. The self-grinded whole spices is used to make delicious namkeen products.

Keeping in mind of sugar cautious customers, they prepare sugar-free sweets for which they get good orders. According to Hemant Gupta, orders for sugar-free sweets and healthy products are increasing day by day. They have kept a couple shelves in each of their shops reserved for sugar-free sweets. Pharma sugar is used in production of sweets. This sulphurless sugar is free-flowing and directly compressible.

Shree Misthan Bhandar is also knows for wonderful display at shelves in the industry. During my visit to their shop I noticed that sweets are kept almost the same way as the goldsmiths keep their jewellery in their shops. On which Gupta smiled and enthusiastically added, “My sweets are not less than Gold or Silver. Not in terms of cost, but quality. We give keen importance on procuring our raw materials and ingredients because it is the major aspect which decides the quality of the finished products. We never compromise on quality. We care for your health”.

Gupta are also known for their Falahari Dosa in the country. It was launched by the Guptas in 1996. Falahari dosa is prepared by Samak rice or sabudana (sago) or singhara (water chestnet) flour specially made during navratri and other fasting days (vrat/upvas), hence it is also known as falahari dosa or upvas dosa. This dosa is filled with potato. Only sendha namak (sea salt), and no regular salt is used. Unfortunately I could not try this particular delicacy due to time limit but I am sure when visiting them next, will definitely opt for it!!!!

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