Sikkim’s mission to be an organic state

3 April, 2018


Sikkim Organic Mission was announced by the Sikkim government, it notifies complete ban on non- organic fruits, vegetables, spices, cereals and condiment. Sikkim officers have started incepting the markets throughout the state, and if any vendor found selling the banned non organic fruits and vegetables, his entire stock would be seized. However, potatoes and onions have been exempted as they are not cultivated on the mass scale in the state.

Sikkim has become the first state in India to entirely ban the import and sale of non-organic agricultural produce. State agriculture minister Somnath Poudyal sought the cooperation of the people in implementing the ban and promised government interference if there is an excessive increase in the prices of organic items.

Poudyal said, “To protect the environment which is being degraded by the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers and to ensure the healthy life for the people of Sikkim we have come up with the Sikkim Organic Mission.”

All Sikkim Traders Association (ASTA)-Vice-president Lakpa Sherpa warned, “If companies and hotels are allowed to bring vegetables from outside, or the government does not keep a check on household or retail imports, the (ASTA) and Lall Bazaar Traders Association will also bring vegetables from outside the state.”

Secretary of Agriculture and Horiculture department Khorlo Bhutia said, “To avoid pestering of people, we will not carry out checks at entry points. We want voluntary co-operation from people in this mission.”

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