Sky Has No Limit, Haldiram Ventures Into Travel

4 May, 2018

Snacks and travel have always had a subliminal connection but top Indian snacks firm Haldiram’s is making it concrete and branching into travel and tourism business to tap India’s booming tourism industry.
Haldiram, a top snacking brand of the country has made the connection of snacking and travelling stronger. Through a new firm initiated by Haldiram’s called Travhos Experience, the brand has ventured into the growing tourism industry.


The report further says that six professionals have been hired as of now to take the new venture forward. Travhos Experience will be giving the tourists all kinds of travel experiences like packaged tours, treks, heritage, spiritual, adventure, business and others in India and around the world. “Our model is to make all kind of travel experiences accessible to the public,” said Siddharth Sharma, general manager of Travhos. Haldiram’s is further reported to begin with tapping the Delhi region first for its travel venture.

Haldiram’s will start its travel services in the Delhi region in coming weeks and will market its travel products in its sweet outlets and restaurants. Later on, the company plans to sell its travel services from its outlets and restaurants.

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