Smart marketing strategy by Coca-Cola for its premium water brand – smartwater

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July 26, 2018

Smartwater -Coca-Cola’s first premium water brand for India, which was launched in India in December 2017, is following a rather smart marketing strategy led by digital advertising. Smartwater targets the top 25 million consumers living in the top 10-12 cities in India. While Kinley is the mass bottled water brand from the Coca-Cola stable.
Anoop Manohar, GM-Marketing, Coca-Cola India confirmed that the brand is not a brand for everybody and it will not be everywhere, but we will surround our target audience wherever they are.

The marketing strategy is therefore heavily reliant on digital while also making sure that the brand communicates with the TG at every touch point, be that through magazines, salons, high-end restaurants, or international travel. 

Smartwater’s smart tactics go beyond digital and come face to face with consumers. Its possible readers have come across a bottle of Smartwater at corporate events and in some cases even fashion and sports events- this is part of Smartwater’s event-led approach. 

Smartwater has collaborated with Lakme Fashion Week for ‘The Platform’ – a programme conceptualized to identify and mentor young and innovative designers.  The brand has also associated with high-decibel televised events like the Indian Premier League, FIFA World Cup and STAR Plus’ TED Talks India.
It is about new design, new thinking, which is very close to Smartwater as a brand. Digital ad helps Smartwater to segment its audience and reach out to the right kind of consumers.

Jennifer Aniston is the global brand ambassador for the brand and she continues to represent the brand in India too. No water brand typically has a brand ambassador, but that’s one of the things coca cola want to do to stand out from everybody else. Aniston who has been associated with the brand for several years is working with the team for the India market.
The bottled water market in India is growing at 20% CAGR from 2016 to 2021 as per a report by Euromonitor International. India is a country where access to clean drinking water is a problem for one section of the society. There is a large mistrust among consumers towards any kind of water, not just packaged. Therefore, there is huge demand for potable bottled water. 

Smartwater was first launched in the US in 1996. It is one of the leading bottled water brands in the US. The makers of Smartwater claim that they “replicate the hydrological cycle.” And the tagline born out of that process is “inspired by clouds.” India’s premium bottled water brands include brands like Himalayan, Vedica, Evian, and Qua.

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