Soaring the ladder of achievement- Aditya Ice cream


Aug 9, 2018

It’s sheer captivated sight to have a continuum display of ice cream for our eyes to feast on. No one can deny a visit to the ice cream factory as it’s a dream come true to see ice cream all around us. One among them is Aditya Ice cream factory in Belgaum, Karnataka.

Belgaumites got a tremendous surprise and were overjoyed when all the major as well as local newspapers across the country flashed the news that Belgaum’s very own Aditya Ice Cream has come under the wing of global giant Hindustan Unilever.

Shivkant Sidnal, the man in the news for this super deal spoke to media, “it was a big opportunity which we grabbed’.

Initially a lot of deliberation and contemplation was involved, but in the end, the offer from Hindustan Unilever was for the good of the brand, he added proudly.

Shivkant and Vijaykant, the two bros have definitely embossed their name in the food business. The two factories in Bailhongal and Neginhal have put Belagavi on the nation’s business map. A visit to Aditya Milk factory one will find I picture-perfect with high hand cleanliness and hygiene with facility that handles an average of over 2 lakh litres of milk every day. Milk is procured from more than 1500 farmers within the vicinity of Belgaum. Only to which ice cream alone amounts to around 35 per cent utilization of the milk collected. The rest of the fluid milk is sold in plastic packaging, turned into milk powder or processed into butter, buttermilk, ghee, paneer, Shrikhand, curds etc.

Practically the entire Indian Ice cream market is extremely fragmented with regional brands like Havmor, Hangyo, Amul, Vadilal, Arun Ice cream, Dairy Day, Frostee, Kwality Walls having stamped the territories. The selection of Aditya Ice cream by  Unilever was judge by its the robust distribution network beside the exceptional delicious flavours and quality that Aditya provides.

It is apparent that logistics in ice cream business is highly sensitive consuming almost 30 percent of the cost. Aditya Ice cream has a fleet of ‘n’ number of trucks supplying ice cream every day to over 20,000 outlets. Shivkant credits his father-in-law Vijay Sankeshwar and his brother Anand Sankeshwar of the VRL group for their extensive reach in logistics.

HUL has concentrated on the metro cities long enough but now wishes to venture deep inside India’s second tier cities. HUL has little or no presence in Kerala whereas Aditya Ice cream has a strong presence from Kasargod to Thiruvanantpuram in Kerala and also in Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Goa which has gain momentum in last 4 years. To keep up with the ever-changing face of the world, Aditya Ice cream and milk products underwent a design change to give the brand a face-lift.

With Kwality Walls, Magnum and Cornetto in pool of HUL, Shivkant responded whole-heartedly that with Aditya Ice Cream brand it will be a business call that the company will take. As agreed, HUL will currently use the manufacturing facility of Aditya Ice Cream at Bailhongal. With ice cream business with HUL, Sidnal shall focus on the development of milk and milk products at national level.

According to Sidnal, “Research and Development has played a vitale role in Aditya Milk’s success. Both the ice creams Magnus of Aditya and Magnum from HUL were at par to which the Unilever people were amazed”.

Travelling across the world and especially to European countries has helped him understand the ice cream business better. Aditya has tied up with famous Italian major PreGel to develop its unique ice cream flavors which is a strong USP for the brand.

Setting up any business initially has its own pros and cons, but when one has to do a business, one must find a way out. A month and a half ago, the entire global team of HUL flew down to India to visit the factory and had to travel from Hubli.

As of now, Shivkant Sidnal is one big successful icon, having built a national brand from Bailhongal, which lured a global company like HUL. He has taken the scoop of his ice cream from HUL’s bowl, but banks on the cows for more accomplishment!

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