Starbucks among the first few to move away from plastics and make eco-friendly changes in cutlery

Image Source: Reader Digest

July 30, 2018

Starbucks is among the first chain to remove plastic straw and make environment-friendly changes in cutlery worldwide.  According to Tata Starbucks chief executive Sumitro Ghosh, Starbucks India has introduced biodegradable compostable straws and wooden cutlery and is moving towards greener alternatives.

Because of Plastic menace and its ill effect to the environment, many state governments in India are clamping down on use of plastic, especially for foods and beverage.

Undoubtedly this will impact the market of many industries and have effect on initial cost, but with time it would be offset over time with volumes. Ghosh Stated that they are trying to be ahead of the curve on environment. It’s important to our customers and important to us. This is happening across the world now but India is one of the first.

Starbucks is going for paper bags, glassware or ceramic options for items consumed in-store, and options such as “bring your own tumbler” where it incentivizes customers who got their own tumblers for beverage to the store.

The coffee giant has declared that it would discontinue the use of disposable plastic straws by 2020 globally, eliminating more than one billion straws a year. The chain operates over 28,000 stores worldwide.

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