Successful business is because of innovation, exceptional customer service, and best quality : Agrawal 

In past two decades, Dukes is a popular brand in the competitive biscuit & confectionery market. The diverse range of products made from unique recipes & authentic ingredients, conforms to the highest quality standards. Dukes have surpassed several geographical boundaries in the country as well as in abroad.
The company incorporated stringent in-house measures to ensure the production and delivery of quality food-safe products.
This has been evolved by the seamless blending of technology and processes. The resultant methods ensure food-safe, quality products for the customers.
Key focus is ‘Quality’ expedition — Food Safety. It forms the very core of all standardization procedures, methodologies, operational patterns and underlying activities.
Our correspondent at Ice-Cream Times publication had a great interaction with Vikas Agarwal, Managing Director, Dukes Products India Limited recently. Below are the excerpts from the conversation:
Q) What is the current scenario of chocolate industry in India?
It is growing at a rapid pace; consumption in both end consumers as well as industrial usage is showing a healthy trend.  Wide choice of product varieties, pack sizes and price points is increasing per capita consumption.
Q) Elaborate on factors that affect the growth of chocolate industry?
European manufacturers make the best chocolates – quality, variants, innovative products based on consumer preferences.  Indian companies have to compete with them on the same parameters. Customers are moving from compounds to pure chocolates.  Innovation, exceptional customer service, and best quality are the way forward.
Q) What are the latest trends being observed in chocolate segment?
Discerning consumers prefer high end, premium pure chocolate products. Variety with unique attributes is gaining acceptance with industrial customers as well.  Usage has also widened with new applications. There is a shift from traditional Indian sweets to Western desserts, in consumption and gifting occasions. Availability is much better, thanks to extensive distribution structure set up by many companies.
Q. Please tell me about your company, our products and services.
Dukes Group of Companies has a dominant presence in the bakery, confectionery and chocolates sectors across India. It has several manufacturing units in all regions. They also export their products to over 100 countries and is now  venturing into the fast growing snacking category.    Product quality, understanding clients needs and customized products, differentiate Dukes chocolates in the industry
Q) What is the main USP of your company?
Consistent quality, innovative products, field sales team closely interacting with customers; wide product range of pure and compound slabs, chips, dips, paste, decorations and inclusions – these are our USPs. We have multiple manufacturing units across the country; in Hyderabad, Rudrapur & Guwahati which gives a cutting edge in providing efficient service to our customers.
Q) What are the future plans to enhance growth of the company?
Continue to develop new products of international standards, invest in best in class technical equipment and processes.
Q) Is twenty-eight per cent GST on chocolate, the right move by the government? What’s your take on it?
No, it’s very high, as chocolates are no longer a luxury product.  Government should reduce the GST, as chocolates have become a basic ingredient with diverse usage, both in applications as well as consumption.
Companies are building awareness and availability.  Industry can grow much faster with lower tax, and increase government revenue on a higher base too.

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