Suguna Foods Ltd invests Rs. 100 Cr in feed mill plant

A biggest and leading poultry player— Suguna Foods Limited has custom-built a 5 lac tons (60 TPH) capacity Upgraded Pellet Technology Feed Mill plant in Maharashtra valued at Rs. 100 crores located in  Khadakjamb, near Nasik.
The feed mill plant will act as catalyst for the development of poultry activities in the farm. The feed mill will be supplying high quality feeds for fowl birds, broiler, layers, and parent bird farms and other livestock and facilitate the famers to enhance the feeding system.
The plant is intentionally built to support the farming community of Maharashtra.  The plant will procure large amount of Maize (3,00,000 tones),  soya meal ( 150,000 tones) among other agriculture commodities to create a market for the produce for the state.
With installation of the feed mill, the farmers can depend on Suguna Foods for right prices for their produce.  Also, with the development of poultry farming in the region consumers would benefit by getting quality protein at affordable price. Also the plant will create economic impetus in the regions thus creating direct and indirect employments and livelihood for thousands.
It is estimated that the annual growth rate for the Broiler Industry to be approximately 9% per cent. With an annual production of 3000 million broilers, India is the Fifth world’s largest poultry meat producing country which indicates the huge consumption by Indian population.  With rising income levels, the consumption of poultry products and eggs are predicted to continue to rise.
Says Mr Sundararajan GB, Managing Director-Suguna Foods Limited “Such estimates only validate our commitment on the growing consumption for poultry products across the country. The new feed plant in Maharashtra will ensure smooth supply of poultry products in the region. This plant further strengthens our commitment to the rural development. We have been extremely successful in South India, we plan to move to other geographies and newer regions and consolidate our presence in newer market places.  The Pellet Feed Mill project here is part of Suguna’s Growth strategy into the Western Region.”
This modern technology feed mill is a fully automated process with imported & original machineries with steel silos, godown facility for finished product & other ingredients. The total plant will be operated from a single point through PLC control system. The inished product will be also handled automatically from bagging to loading.
Suguna is already augmented with many state of art modern feed mill facilities such as the 3.2 lac tone capacity unit Tamil Nadu,  6 lac tones capacity in Karnataka, 5 lac tone capacity in Andhra Pradesh, 1.5 lac tone capacity in Rajasthan and others.                                 
Feed generally is considered to be the major input for poultry production and may account for 70 per cent of the total production cost. Since poultry feed is composed of several raw materials, the cost and supply of raw material either produced locally or imported determines poultry prices.
Poultry feeds are composed of ingredients like maize/corn millets, grams and soya bean meal. A good poultry feed contains a proper balance of nutrients which helps in development of the chicken be it a layer or broiler or starter. Good feed means healthy chickens.

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