Sweden wants a free trade agreement (FTA) between India and the European Union

April 15, 2019

Sweden wants to have a free trade agreement (FTA) between India and the European Union for making business between the countries easier and better. Part of that (FTA) would also hopefully flow an investment protection agreement. They can be negotiated together. Since the bilateral investment protection agreements have been ended by India over the last few years, this would facilitate and increase trade

 The day we sit down to negotiate, perhaps you will see a less traditional type of agreement come out of it because there are a number of new factors,  said, ., said Klas Molin, Swedish Ambassador to India.

 He also stressed on how Sweden is heavily dependent on trade, and that it shares a sound relationship with India. He underlined the need for more partnerships between companies from both countries. If a Swedish company teams up with an Indian company or develops products that are interesting to consumers in our respective countries, I don’t see how it could not lead to more trade, Molin said.

 Swedish firms like home-furnishing company IKEA and telecom player Ericsson are betting big on India. Ericsson is bigger in India than anywhere else in the world. They have more people employed in India than any other country, Sweden included. IKEA has been sourcing in India for decades.

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