Tetra Pak launches a new packaging style for dairyto reduce costs and save space

March 19, 2019

Tetra Pak has launched a new packaging style for dairy, liquid and juice called the Tetra Classic Aseptic 65 ml Cube. The package’s dimensions allow for six packages to form a cube, which optimizes space for transport and storage.

The new packaging allows manufacturers to reduce the quantity of secondary packaging used, which leads to approximately 40% less space required to transport the same amount of products. The company said in a release that the new design will allow the packaging to be available “at an affordable price.”

The new product design is now widely available. It has been used since December 2018 for a customer in Southeast Asia who was selling coconut milk.

At a time when food and beverage companies are looking for more sustainable and affordable packaging, Tetra Pak has been leading the pack in innovation.

Although this particular packaging is intended for liquids, the company has recently released other innovative options, including printable, jazzed up cartons that features holographics and embossed surfaces called Tetra Pak Artistry as well as its Tetra Evero aseptic carton bottles that are made mainly out of renewable resources and wood pulp from responsibly-managed forests.

A potential show stopper here is the fact that this packaging, intended for use with dairy, is paper-based. Designing eco-friendly packaging that can keep products fresh and endure temperature changes can be a challenge for manufacturers. Recyclable materials also tend to be less effective in maintaining freshness, since packaging companies say plastic can have a tighter seal and keep out air better than other materials. But if it doesn’t change the taste of a product, this packaging may catch on.

And if Tetra Pak combines this cube technology with its new capabilities in package design printing, the company could create some truly innovative packaging. After all, a recent study found that 53% of shoppers are drawn to bright, pleasant colours in product packaging, which can influence their decision more than the product itself. Tetra Pak seems to be aware of this and will likely continue to work to convey high-quality, sustainable intentions through its packaging in hopes of resonating with consumers and suppliers.


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