The ‘Swiggy Packaging Assist’ e-store to have ecofriendly a range of custom delivery containers

Oct 6, 2018


Swiggy has announced a marketplace for food packaging for partner restaurants called ‘Swiggy Packaging Assist’. These e-store stocks a range of custom delivery containers categorized for dry starters and snacks, gravy items, carry bags, paper and pizza boxes and cutlery. The focus is on providing partner restaurants with sustainable, eco-friendly and food-grade certified material.

The marketplace lists 30 products that serve different functions—leak-proof, sturdy, stackable and heat insulant, for instance. Many of these are made with paper or aluminium that is recyclable. Wooden cutlery is available too.

Swiggy launched a pilot phase in Bengaluru two months ago and in Maharashtra in August. So far, 300 partner restaurants have made purchases with the service.  The company wanted to be environment-friendly and has received compliments from customers for its packaging, especially those that are sustainable options to plastic.”

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