Truefarm Foods To Go Global Market With Organic Food


After a success of their organic food products in India, Truefarm Foods is looking to venture into the global market. The move is to be initiated in June 2018. “We have fared very well since its inception. A lot of consumers are buying our products and the feedback has been really good,” Ravi Jakhar, the company’s founder.

“We will also expand to international markets starting from this June. Products will be sold through global tie-ups with top online retailers, such as Amazon, as well as through physical stores via distribution channels,” said Jakhar. “We would be investing $10 million in the next two years. Being totally funded by the four founders of Truefarm, we will gather more investment in the coming two years, which will be used to for more production and developing more organic products. Protein Plus Flour, Organic Muesli, Red Kidney Beans and Organic Amaranth are the products by Truefarm Foods that have seen the fastest growth,” declared Jakhar.


The good response from the Indian market for their organic food is the reason behind tapping into the global market for Truefarm Foods. According to a study, India’s organic market can grow more than 25 percent every year and can even touch $1.36 billion by the year 2020. “People in India are understanding the importance of organic food slowly. India is capable of growing all kinds of organic foods. Farmers should be educated to boost organic cultivation. Organic farming not only protects land and water resources, but also improves farm incomes,” stated Jakhar.

“We are staying in a country where the air and water are polluted, but food is something which we can choose and stay healthy. It is very important to raise awareness among the consumers regarding the importance of organic products,” said Jakhar

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