Undue strike stifles Synthite growth; threatens to shift operation from Kerala

19 April, 2018
World’s largest exporter of spice oil and oleoresins – Synthite Industries Ltd. – has threatened to shift its operations from Kerala due to a labour unrest. This due to  a section of employees  that are protesting for undue benefits and it is becoming increasingly difficult for the company to move forward.

’The Rs 1700 crore Synthite group started the unit in Kerala in 1972 but has now spread operations to Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka and to China, making it one of the largest private manufacturing facility in the state.

Viju Jacob, managing director, Synthite said that a small section of employees are protesting against transfer to other states. The company has been following the transfer policy for last so many years and it is not a recent decision and Synthite has a track record for operating its facility without any labour strikes or interruptions in Kerala for the last 46 years. The group has total employee strength of 2400.

The company exports around 40 to 50% of the world’s requirement of spice oils, oleoresins to food, flavour and fragrance houses. It has a range of consumer products in Indian market including the curry powder brand Kitchen Treasures. The group also has interest in hospitality, realty and non-conventional energy.

Paradoxically, during the recently held world food expo in Delhi, It was in Kerala delegation encouraging the delegates to invest in the state citing the example of Synthite which has been operating for 46 years without strikes.

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