Unilever brings a premium light ice cream brand – Culture Republick

Oct 23, 2018

Unilever just released a premium light ice cream brand that aims to support culture by featuring probiotics on the inside and local artists on the outside. According to a press release, the Unilever Foundation is also donating 10% of the brand’s profits to support the arts in local communities.

The probiotic ice cream line —​called Culture Republick — has 16 to 18 grams of protein per pint with no artificial sweeteners. Each one has between 400 and 500 calories. The pints are now available at select retailers and priced between $3.99 and $4.99.

Culture Republick offers seven unique flavors: Milk & Honey, Turmeric Chai and Cinnamon, Cold Brew & Chocolate Chi, Pistachio & Caramel, Lemon & Graham, Chocolate & Cherry and Matcha & Fudge. Each pint container is designed by a different artist in various places across the country.

Ever since Halo Top disrupted the market, the better-for-you ice cream segment has started to get crowded. Unilever found Halo Top’s success to be such an upset that they have already reformulated two of their classic brands – Ben & Jerry’s and Breyers.

When Halo Top stepped into the market, it was answering consumer demand for “free-from” treats by creating a good tasting, healthier ice cream with ingredient transparency. As a result, the company sold more than 17 million pints in 2016, a 2,500% sales increase in a year. The explosive growth has hurt the competition, including Unilever.


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