Zomato introduces Bicycles for Food Delivery

Zomato sets up to introduce bicycles, both electric and mechanical, to peddle the future towards sustainable mobility leaving no miles left without food. Besides filling bellies, delivering food through bicycles will not only help reduce auto emission causing environmental damage but also tackle traffic and parking issues, especially in narrow streets of the cities. Another plus point to the bicycle delivery will create additional employment opportunities

Zomato serves food delivery across 150 cities in India along the last mile fleet of 1.5 lakh partners. Speaking as of today, Zomaro has more than 5000 cyclists across 12 cities in India, with the majority of the fleet pedalling in Delhi NCR. Zomato has partnered with Mobycy, e-HIRAN, TNT, Yulu and Zoomcar’s PEDL to provide e-cycles to Zomato executives who are allotted shorter distance with an average of 2.5 km to ensure fast delivery.

Speaking on the proposal, Mohit Gupta, CEO, Food Delivery business, Zomato, said, “Climate change and environmental challenges are an inalienable reality of the future. With the aggressive geographical expansion of food delivery, our last mile fleet is increasing by 150 delivery partners every day which places the onus of pollution-free and minimal fossil-fuel solutions on us.”

“The use of bicycles for short-distance-deliveries is an attempt to think about the carbon footprint of our business in an active and everyday way. The delivery fleet on bicycles (whether mechanical or e-cycles) is provided with an ergonomic delivery bag and are diligently trained for the job as well as educated on road safety norms in the Zomato Rider University”.

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