BigBasket acquires 3 acquisitions

Oct 20, 2018
BigBasket an online grocer has accomplished the acquisition of three ventures, months after raising $300 million from Alibaba and several other investors.
BigBasket has acquired 100% stake in milk delivery startups Pune-based RainCan and Morning Cart and a well-controlled stake in smart vending machines startup Kwik24. This code of action marks the company’s venture into milk delivery and grocery delivery.
“The micro delivery startup acquisition really helps BigBasket in accelerating our need to bring fresh subscription services to our customers, daily,” said Hari Menon, chief executive of Big Basket. “And Kwik24 acquisition gives us the ability to be closer to the customer by way of the BB Instant smart vending kiosks.”

BigBasket has branded their milk delivery service as BB Daily, a subscription service which allows customers to order milk and other daily essentials on eve of the day and to be delivered the following morning. As of now BigBasKet caters to Bengaluru and Pune, the service will soon be reachable to eight metro cities. BigBasket claims to have above 20,000 daily subscriptions.

Along with Kwik24, BigBasket has installed 100 smart vending machines in Bengaluru and plans to spread to other cities very soon. The vending machines are installed as part of the BB Instant service, which allows customers to order fresh produce and other consumer products through the BB insta app, and to pick it up from the vending machine installed within the vicinity of apartment complexes. 

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