Bulk tea export packaging standards being studied by IIP

8 March, 2018


Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) working under the administrative control of Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry will organise a two-day national conference on ‘Emerging Packaging Technology-Optimising Performance and Cost” on March 14 and 15 in Kolkata. IIP is carrying out a study on the packaging standards in use for export of bulk tea, following complaints from buyers.


Deputy Director of IIP, Bidhan Das said “We are carrying out the current practices of packaging used for export of bulk tea. We had been asked by the Tea Board to carry out a study and recommend. Tea Board has in practice the packaging standard of 2004, and in order to incorporate modern methods, an expert opinion has been sought. IIP will recommend necessary changes in packaging for improving the standard of bulk tea destined for exports, following several complaints from tea buyers.” The report is expected to be submitted in April.


IIP is also working on honey and kasundi (mustard paste) packaging for the West Bengal government. Kolkata Chapter of IIP is scheduled to organise a two-day national conference on packaging technology from March 14.


Das further said, “We would give recommendation to the Board to standardise bulk tea packaging in view of development of new packaging materials. The institute has evaluated shelf-life of orthodox and CTC (crush, tear, curl) tea packaged with different packaging materials.”


On a pan India survey conducted by the institute on packaging of food articles, he said around 2,000 samples were collected from organised food processing companies and no irregularities were found in these samples. “About 1,000 samples of pack from unorganised sector were collected. In this sampling, it was found that packaging materials in 3-4 per cent of the samples failed to comply with food grade,” he said.

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