Canada opens market for pineapple and mandarin import from India

Canada has opened its market for pineapple and mandarin (a variety of oranges) import from India after five months after a formal request.

Our Union ministry of commerce had sent its first request on April 10, with a reminder on May 18. Responding, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency of their government conveyed its approval on August 9, noting general phytosanitary requirements would apply, beside some specifics.

  1. K. Vats, General Manager of the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority has asked the farmers in an advisory to Indian exporters

to strictly adhere with the required conditions.

Pineapple import into Canada has been increasing consistently over years. It was 127,000 tonnes in calendar year 2017, from 118,210 tonnes the previous year. The quantity of mandarin import was not clear but the value was C$257.2 million in 2016, from all parts of the world. Mandarin output in India was 4.4 million tonnes in 2017-18, from 409,000 hectares. Total pineapple production was close to 2mt from 115,000 hecter of sowing. India currently exports both pineapple and mandarin in very small quantities.

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