FMCG industry asked to provide details in Hindi and regional languages on packaged products

Oct 15, 2018

Minister for Consumer Affairs Ram Vilas Paswan has asked the FMCG industry to voluntarily adopt labelling in Hindi and regional languages as this will help regional consumers to make informed choices.

In fact countries like China and Japan, labels are printed in their own languages, but in India, companies continue to use only English for labelling. Labelling should also be done in Hindi and other regional languages, besides English.

Paswan explained this step was important as India is a multi-lingual country and the industry should start adopting the practice of labelling in Hindi and regional languages, depending on the regions where they are widely spoken.

If there is a hitch in printing all details in Hindi and regional languages, at least the brand name can be printed in Hindi or other regional languages.

Highlighting steps taken by the government for consumer protection, Paswan said a revamped Bureau of Indian Standards Act came into effect in 2017 to strengthen product standards. This will make Indian products equivalent to their foreign counterparts to enable them compete globally.

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