FSSAI headstrong to carry out rigorous inspection program

Dec 15, 2018

FSSAI is determined to carry out full-fledged and rigorous inspections in food companies to ensure that top standards in food safety are maintained. This effort is a part of the campaign to build trust in people about the safety and quality of cook consumed and dairy products, said Pawan K. Agarwal, CEO, FSSAI.

“Our mandate is to ensure availability of safe and wholesome food for human consumption. We have taken initiative in last few years to create demand for such foods. Businesses will make it available only if consumer demands,” Agarwal said at a CII conference on Food Safety, Quality and Regulatory summit.

However, Agarwal was of the opinion that the Indian citizen is still uncertain about the safety of food he consumes.

Agarwal added , “We need to do something to bring trust among people as various initiatives are being taken to create visibility of FSSAI, develop new ecosystem for training/audit of food safety officers, strengthen testing labs and energize state enforcing agencies”.

“Food businesses now have to be geared up for rigorous inspection regime,” Agarwal said, adding that through this inspection food regulator can cross-check whether food companies are following the standards put forth by it.

“We will also conduct surveys and huge surveillance to find out risk. We need to find problem area and make efforts to fix it, and then only people’s trust can be build,” he said. The surveys and vigilant surveillance can help in generating abd providing authentic data to the regulator.

Agarwal announced that government has lately, granted permission to create about 800 posts in the authority, yet this strength of 800 posts is quite lower than other nations.

Concluding, Agarwal said that FSSAI is making all the efforts to create network of partnerships with scientific, research and academic institutions to help its operation.

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