Governor urges to boost food processing sector in Meghalaya

Dec 13, 2018

Tathagata Roy, the State Governor of Meghalaya has expressed that Meghalaya has immense potential in the food processing sector as its base economy is agrarian.

Addressing a one-day conference on ‘Start-ups and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Food Processing’ organized by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industries  of India in (ACCII) in collaboration with the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Roy said, “Such kind of platform would help all the stakeholders to share their views and enhance their knowledge. Conferences like these will bring out innovative idea giving exposure to the budding entrepreneurs and they can get linkages to the market”.

The state is bestowed with abundant natural resources and these resources need to be tapped for the development of the State which, in turn, will create a lot of employment opportunities for the youth”.

The Governor said that along with the major food crops like rice and maize, Meghalaya is also renowned for production of horticultural food crops like orange and lemon.

Apart from agricultural produce, meat processing can also be taken up in a big way in the state which can put Meghalaya among the top processors of meat products.

Roy further stated that value addition by simple processing techniques would help in the increase of income of the farmers in Meghalaya state.

Roy added that there are technology solution providers, innovators and financial institutions that are looking for buyers of their services and generating an arena from where food MSMEs, technology providers, banks, government officials can be brought together to step up the growth of food processing units of Meghalaya.

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