In 2-3 years, IICE can be compared to Anuga show in Germany


When talking about legends in ice-cream industry name of Havmor ice cream comes on top of the list. Havmor is one of leading ice cream brand names known in the market. Pradeep Chona, CMD of the company exclusively shared his views about the ice-cream industry. Chona was the Key note speaker in ‘Indian Ice Cream Congress & Expo 2017” the biggest show in entire Asia for this industry. Havmor is a 73-year-old ice cream company that makes pure ice cream and are second in the country after Amul. It is India’s oldest company that started operating in 1944. Havmor believes in providing quality to its consumers.

  1. Q) As an industry stalwart, what is your take ‘Indian Ice Cream Congress & Expo 2017’?

IICE is a beautiful show taking place since seven years, and is growing year-on-year. I feel in 2-3 years, IICE can be compared to Cologne, Anuga show in Germany that happens annually for Global ice cream industry. There are certain things which need to be worked upon and the organization has made note of it to make this show further big.


  1. Q) As a major player, what are the challenges that the industry faces? What are the likely solutions for the same?

With cold chain, there is toll tax and several other taxes that need to be paid and is very time-consuming. There should be a system wherein all the taxes can be accepted so that goods can reach places on time. Infrastructure, roads in India is improving and hence the concerned departments must continue for excellent results.  Also FSSAI needs to be cooperative. Samples are failed on several grounds. Inefficient trainees FSOs are sent to collect samples, and the procedure of collecting samples is highly inept. One passes the tests, another fails it that causes great inconvenience to ice-cream manufacturers.

A thorough system must be in place so that manufacturers do not suffer and such chaos could be avoided. Food safety dept. officers must also be answerable and help this industry in the best possible manner.


  1. Q) The ice cream industry is growing at a phenomenal rate but with GST entering the picture, how will this affect the industry?

GST is something that will impact the industry. The small manufacturers who evade taxes and don’t have the right facilities for their products definitely will close down. This is a good move as now GST will make sure that the industry contributes to the economy, eventually this industry will also witness successful growth. There must be a rise in the per capita consumption of ice creams so that the industry can do greatly well and prosper.


  1. Q) Give an overview of the ice-cream industry in India and abroad?

Indian and international markets both vary. With the entry of several foreign players in the Indian market, the competition has become even tougher. Here in India, we understand the consumers’ pulse and desire, hence accordingly plan the next step whereas overseas those companies are unable to do so the same because of their norms. Indian companies have ethnic novelties in their products which the international companies cannot imitate.


  1. Q) What message would you like to give to manufacturers and allied industry?

Always be passionate about work and what you do for the industry. Be smart, innovative and hygiene is a very essential point that must be taken care of. Remember that what you are selling is being consumed by many from different age groups; hence all must work sincerely for the industry growth.

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