‘It is more about quality than quantity’




The brand Pastonji has been providing varieties of ice creams since 1989. It has built a reputation amongst consumers by serving exclusive range of ice creams of various flavors and novelties. Pastonji products are spread across the western region of India. The company has its manufacturing unit in Mumbai, Nashik and Mehsana district with skilled employees coordinating with an international level quality and hygiene to produce delectable ice cream varieties. Aziz Hafizi – Director of Pastonji speaks about ‘Brain-Freeze’ brand with Ice Cream Times.

Hafizi looks after production and quality assurance of Pastonji ice cream and is actively promoting their varieties of ice cream. He believes consumer following is based on the way they maintain hygiene and cater food safety. Mumbai plant is biggest plant of the company as they manufacture range of ice cream products such as ice cream cake, matka kulfi, nut coated roll, magic roll, swinger sundae, natural fresh, sandwich and ball.



  1. Q) What is the concept behind ‘Brain-Freeze’?

Whenever I go out to dine, I always feel the need to eat something new and different. Hence I decided let’s bring new product that everyone would always feel to eat. I launched this new premium brand –‘Brain-Freeze’ for the consumers. We provide customized candies, and as per customers’ choice they will get toppings, dipping, chocolate and in next few months, there will be more additions to the menu.


  1. Q) ‘Brain-Freeze’ is a unique term and the variants displayed in the freezers are presented in different manner. Please comment.

People walk in but then often forget the name of the flavor that they want to eat. So I arranged the flavors in alphabetical order so that they remember the names of the particular family. I have named the flavors in such manner that’s easy to remember and matching the flavors with the names was not easy task.  Like say, in naughty nibble flavor, cookies are mixed which is popular among children and youth.


  1. Q) This is your fourth parlor. What is your expansion plans, whether self-owned or franchise?

We plan to take the franchise route and will give master-franchise for the cities. By 2020, the target is to open 80 parlours. We may go for state-wise or city-wise master-franchise model, depending on the type of players. Pune, Ahmadabad, Surat are the places wherein there are ongoing talks for the same. We plan to cover Maharashtra and Gujarat state in 2018 and thereafter in 2019, the plan is to touch Goa and southern states.


  1. Q) The decor of this parlor is very distinct, with significant investment on machinery, quality products, and ambience. Do you that this will enable considerable return of investment?

Quality machinery produces efficient results. Hence I feel that investments will give sufficient ROI because today quality is more important than quantity.


  1. Q) Pricing is important factor for consumers. So how have you managed the pricing?

Ice-cream lovers can enjoy our products because it is reasonably priced. With every season, the company will be adding new variants. Waffle are popular during the winter and in rainy season, hot chocolate is a hit among the people.


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