Keventers uses Tetra Pak Technology for UHT Milk

Dec 15, 2018

Keventers, popular for its milkshakes recently has launched Ultra-High Temperature (UHT) milk using aseptic processing and packaging by Tetra Pak. With a shelf life of 6 months, the milk is pasteurized by heating it above 135°C which makes sure that all the harmful bacteria is destroyed.

“As an organization, we aspire for a healthier future for all, and our endeavor has always been to provide our customers the most nutritious products,” said Mayank Jalan, chairman and managing director, Keventers. “With the launch of Keventers Milk, we are happy to offer our consumers the highest standards of safety and nutrition by using the best-in-class technology that the world has to offer. The market has a huge potential to grow as UHT milk only accounts for 2.3 per cent of India’s organized sector, whereas in countries like China, it contributes over 60 per cent of the total milk consumption. Hence, after pouch milk and ice-cream, venturing into the UHT milk business was a natural progression for us at Keventers,” he added.

“The Indian UHT milk market is expected to cross Rs. 10,000 crore by 2023. In terms of volume, the UHT milk market in India is currently at 15,00,000 LPD, of which 30 per cent is consumed in East India,” said Saurabh Jajodia, chief executive officer, UHT Milk, Keventer Agro to the media. “In the East alone, the UHT milk market has grown by over 20 per cent year-on-year over the last five years, and we are well placed to capture a sizeable pie of this market with our distribution reach, locational advantage, long-term partnership with the dairy farmers, expertise in marketing milk over the years and in-depth understanding of the local food consumption habits. We are hopeful to achieve Rs. 250 crore revenue and a 25 per cent market share in the East by 2020,” he added.

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