Malawi to export mangoes to India  

Nov 14, 2018

In the unusual time of the year for the fruit-king, Indians can now buy mangoes even during the month of October-December, when these luscious fruits are absent from the local market. Malawi mangoes, has a taste almost similar (99%) to Alphonso mangoes, will be imported from the African country starting this week to be sold in India, announced the traders.

“Mangoes from Malawi will be available in Mumbai and Pune this week at about Rs.1,500-1,800 a dozen, two months ahead of India’s mango  season that begins in January,” said P.N. Khaire, a veteran fruit trader from Maharashtra.

Around 150 tonnes of Malawi mangoes will be imported in bulk this year. This availability is an off season for mangoes in India, insignificant quantities of local varieties are still available in some market., like the Ratnagiri Alphonsos that were sold at Rs. 2,000 a dozen a few weeks ago in Mumbai.

Malawi Mangoes is a company promoted by African and British nationals and involved in the production and processing of bananas, pineapple and mangoes.

Traders had tried to import mangoes from Malawi last year as well, but that didn’t materialize in the absence of phytosanitary approvals. “Now, the two countries have signed a treaty to permit mango imports,” said Khaire.

Indian traders are optimistic about importing mangoes from the African nation as the two countries have different harvest seasons. We don’t find Indian mangoes in domestic market during October to December, but it is a harvest time in Malawi !!

The onset of Indian mangoes begins from Konkan coast of Maharashtra and Kerala. Beginning from South to North, the mango season runs from January through August.

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