McDonald India to recycle used cooking oil from its restaurants into biodiesel

Image Source: jayleif


July 24, 2018

We all know that FSSAI has started a movement to convert used cooking oil into biodiesel to stop its reuse which is quite harmful for health. But way before this, McDonald India had started recycling several tonnes of used cooking oil from its restaurants into biodiesel fuel to power the company’s logistics that is its refrigerated delivery trucks.
But this project was started last year by McDonalds, way before step taken by Indian food regulators. This covers the 85 McDonald’s outlets in Mumbai and will cover all the 275-plus branches in west and south regions of India.
In recycling of cooking oil, the oil used for frying French fries and other foods is collected from the restaurants and taken to the converting facility in tankers, converted into biodiesel and returned for use in the supply logistics of the McDonald’s group in the city.
Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt Ltd, (HRPL) saves more than 420,000 litres of crude oil annually, just by converting over 35 tonnes ( 35,000 litres ) of used cooking oil every month into biodiesel for its 25-strong fleet of refrigerated delivery trucks.
Biodiesel made from used cooking oil has 75 per cent lower carbon emissions than diesel over its entire lifecycle and is way much cleaner, making it an eco-friendly fuel that helps in reducing global warming.
According to Biodiesel Association of India (BAI), HRPL is the country’s first restaurant chain to implement the sustainable biodiesel by recycling its used cooking oil. In fact  BAI encourages all food companies to adapt this initiative.

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