Mondelez International announces to switch to total recyclable packaging by 2025

Oct 15, 2018

Mondelez International will switch to all recyclable packaging by 2025. It will partner with groups to encourage packaging to be collected and recycled in global markets.

In order to reach this goal, the company will provide packaging manufacturers with design guidelines and a list of materials to use or avoid and paper packaging will be sustainably sourced by 2020 and Mondelez will provide recycling information to consumers by 2025.

The company also plans to develop a waste-management infrastructure to reduce waste and improve recycling rates. Rob Hargrove, executive vice president of research, development, quality and innovation, said in a release the company needs to do its part because “plastic waste and its impact on the planet is a broad, systemic issue that our consumers care deeply about, and which requires a holistic response.”

Although this announcement from Mondelez is an ambitious sustainability initiative, the CPG maker said it has already made its packaging more environmentally friendly. The company said most of its packaging is currently recyclable, since about 75% of it is glass, paper or metal, and about 70% of the paper-based packaging comes from recycled sources.

Mondelez isn’t alone in announcing sustainability goals. Given the commitments being made by a growing number of food and beverage companies, as well as by governments, 2025 is shaping up to be a year of eco-friendly initiatives. Nestlé, McDonald’s and soft drink companies in Europe all announced plans to dramatically limit their plastic waste.

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