Parle plants in Mexican market

June 11, 2018 

Parle, India’s leading manufacturer of biscuits and confectionery has set up a manufacturing plant in Mexico, making it its first unit in entire Americas. To start with, Parle has some 50 people working now at the plant in Mexico and the workforce is expected to go up to 100 after the second line is added. This is the first time an Indian food processing company has invested in Mexico. The company’s most popular product PARLE G hit the supermarkets in Mexico late May this year.
Confirming the entry of Parle in the Mexican market, Mukhtesh Pardeshi, Ambassador of India to Mexico, said, “Parle is an iconic brand in India. Its entry into México is a very heartening development. This is the first foray of a leading Indian food processing company in the Mexican market. With Bimbo in India and now Parle in Mexico, new opportunities have opened in agro and food processing industries.”
Rodrigo Blanco, Director, Pro Mexico, Embassy of Mexico said, “Last year, Grupo Bimbo announced a joint venture with Ready Roti India, acquiring a controlling stake in India’s bread and bakery products maker Harvest Gold.”

Responding to a question if more Mexican food brands are entering India, Blanco said, “Currently, we have presence in India in the agro-food sector (excluding alcoholic beverages) like Mission Foods (GRUMA) with tortillas and chips; La Costeña and San Marcos with salsas, dips and beans. Apart from those, we are expecting other companies to enter the market (by imports too) like Tajin that specialises in Mexican ‘chaat masala’.”

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