Rahul Gandhi offered ice-cream to a child, soften hearts

Oct 31, 2018
With the Assembly election in Madhya Pradesh inching closer and after a tiring day of voting campaign in the city, to cool off Rahul Gandhi who wanted to have an ice cream came to the parlour accompanied by top Congress leaders, Kamal Nath and Jyotiraditya Scindia.
Creamstone ice cream parlour was purely taken by wonderful and amazing surprise by non-expecting visitors who were none other than the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi with others. Creamstone and customers at the parlour met with a VIP surprise from VVIP visitors at its “56 Dukaan”, in Indore, adding feathers in the already colourful cap.
Rahul, patiently waited just like any other customer for his turn at “56 Dukan”. Seen in a black tee and a big smile of his face, the 47-year-old Congress president resting his elbows on the counter waiting for his ice-cream, he watched the man behind the counter prepare a serving while his party leaders were heard saying “Wah” by seeing the expert in making ice cream. Rahul was noticeably fascinated by the freshly prepared rolled ice cream on the frozen machine.
His presence at the parlour caught the sight of the people by surprise, and his charismatic appearance and down-to-earth attitude made people swarm near the shop to click pictures and make videos.
The moment Rahul received his ice cream, he spotted a child in his mother’s arms  standing nearby and amusingly asked the little one,” hello, ice cream khaoge?”….and what would you expect….of course the boy quickly had a bite from the leader’s hand, following which the people cheered to grace.
Enjoying thoroughly the taste and texture of the ice cream, the leaders raved about it, with Kamal Nath exclaiming, “it’s so good but we have to watch our weight”

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