Sodexo launches India’s first-ever food accelerator to help start-ups in the $14 billion food services ecosystem

Dec 14, 2018

To assist start-ups in the $14 billion food services ecosystem; onsite food management and facility service provider Sodexo has launched the country’s first-ever food accelerator. The accelerator will be operated in partnership with Zonestartups that will help in conducting bootcamps, connecting start-ups with companies and investors in the food ecosystem and formulating go-to market strategy.

 Also the food the accelerator will not be making any investments in the selected start-ups, it may use their services through partnerships, or in future, if there are synergies, it may also look at acquiring a few of them.

Rishi Gour, Country President, Sodexo On-Site Services India, said, “The urban food market continues to offer tremendous growth potential for Sodexo India and is at an inflection point with rapid digitalisation, evolving consumers and the entry of new players. With start-ups offering innovative technologies and business models, we look forward to creating new services together and generating a differentiated experience for our consumers.”

Sodexo has picked up a majority stake in a food delivery company called FoodCheri, in France, which would be a part of its food accelerator. Similarly in China, Sodexo has partnered with a food AI Company called Aeye-Go that reduces billing time by just scanning the food on a plate through its food recognition technology.

Sodexo, which is well-known in India for its flagship Sodexo meal vouchers, is globally known for its facility management services which include operating cafeterias and food canteens for corporates, manufacturing units and institutions. In India, the company is also trying to reach out to the consumers indirectly through its on-site services.

In the last few years, food-technology has been disrupting the start-up ecosystem. This has led to the emergence of several innovative consumer brands that need funds and hand-holding to scale up further.

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