To eliminate transfat, FSSAI wants stakeholders to adopt tech changes

Jan 17, 2019

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, FSSAI, is strengthening its drive to eliminate transfat from the Indian food industry by 2022, and hopes to make stakeholders adopt technological changes to migrate to healthier alternatives.

FSSAI CEO Pawan Agarwal stated that they intend to eliminate it in a phased manner by 2022, and have revised standards of percentage of transfat in edible oil, ghee, margarine and bakery shortening by less than 2% which will make consumption of transfat almost negligible. But we need alternatives – we need technological changes to reduce levels of transfat so businesses can shift to alternative oils. ’added Pawan Agrawal

Eating food filled with transfat increases the risk of coronary heart disease by clogging the arteries; which is why, FSSAI has planned to remove trans-fat from food industry by 2022.

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